Kristin began her career as a photographer over thirty years ago. In the early days of her career, she photographed children and families as she had a desire to document the milestones in families’ lives. As a mother of three, she saw the beauty of capturing on film the fleeting but precious moments of childhood.

As she and her husband strived to raise children in an active environment that valued spending time outside in creation, they often traveled to different parts of the country to explore the world around them. As they traveled, Kristin developed a love for shooting landscapes and wildlife as well.

Kristin’s work is considered to have a classic style which values timeless photography. She believes that there is captivating beauty in each and every day, and she strives to capture this. With her camera and lens as her paintbrush and canvas, she seeks to portray the beauty as she sees it, whether it is in the eyes of children, a sunrise over snow-capped mountains, or in the unruliness of a bison making its trek across the valley.

“I am continually in awe of the beauty of this world we live in. From watching the brilliance of the rising sun to photographing wildlife to feeling the warm glow of the sunset, I am continually amazed. My hope is that through my landscape and wildlife images, others can discover and enjoy the sacredness of the world we live in. I want them to learn to appreciate, enjoy, and protect this place that we call home. It is up to us to teach our children and families to be good stewards of this creation we have been given so that future generations will have the same to enjoy.”

Kristin resides in Birmingham with her husband, three children who are now grown, and two English labs. When not traveling or photographing, she can be found with her husband walking the pups, drinking a good cup of coffee, or gardening.